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About us:

M.I.S.R.: delivering value

M.I.S.R. is a leading management, systems and technology consulting firm. M.I.S.R. draws on the knowledge and experience of highly experienced people, whose skills span the initial generation of ideas, insights and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation.

M.I.S.R. focuses on creating benefits for clients rather than merely proposing them. Our work is founded on powerful insights into our clients' issues, and in the private sector in particular, on the need to deliver superior shareholder returns. We help accelerate business growth by developing innovative products for our clients and by the application of emerging technology. We deliver major transformation programs, mobilize human resources, and manage complex IT and technically-challenging programs.

M.I.S.R's results-focused approach is founded on a unique commitment to excellence, value and independence:

  • Excellence. We are committed to unremitting excellence and quality in every aspect of our work: in our relationships with our clients, and in the client assignments we deliver.
  • Value. M.I.S.R.'s consultants bring an intense focus on delivering value through deep industry insight, the development and application of technology, and our culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility in working with clients.
  • Independence. M.I.S.R. is independent of outsourcing, and audit providers. We are the pre-eminent client-side advisor on IT and outsourcing projects, and deliver, in partnership with our clients, business solutions tailored to our clients' needs, rather than solutions pre-determined by commercial alliances. As an employee-owned company, we are answerable to our clients and to ourselves only.

  A Proactive Approach to a Dynamic Challenge

Our overarching business principle is to fully leverage company capabilities and resources through high-impact management guidance. We work closely with our clients using the full force of cutting edge information technologies to assure targeted results. In practical terms this means:

  • Translating objectives into measurable performance indicators
  • Achieving short term results while positioning long term advantages
  • Creating organizational-wide synergies in management, production and planning
  • Assisting in implementation to achieve tangible goals

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